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Farmhouse Cà di Mazza


The Cà di Mazza farmhouse is located on the ridge between the valleys of the Savena and the Setta, right along the route of the Via degli Dei which connects Bologna and Florence.

The agritourism boasts an important and interesting history: in fact, the family of the well-known arquebusiers Negroni resided in the current manor house, whose members passed on from father to son, from the mid-eighteenth century to the first decades of the nineteenth, the art of making Weapons.

A perfect vacation spot for families and nature lovers, the agriturismo is located in the area of the Pliocene Contrafforte, a complex of rocky outcrops of Pliocene sandstone, approximately 15 km long, arranged transversely to the valleys of the Setta, Savena, Zena and Idice, from Sasso Marconi to Monte delle Formiche. The Pliocene Buttress characterizes an area of great interest, not only from a geological point of view, but also from a faunal and environmental point of view. What makes this portion of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines particularly attractive is the great environmental variability with a series of clearly differentiated rocky, forest and grassland habitats, in which rare species of birds such as the peregrine falcon, the lanner falcon (Falco biarmicus), the honey buzzard, the lesser harrier, the nightjar, the woodlark, the greengrocer, the Calandro and the small shrike. 
The Cà di Mazza Farmhouse offers itineraries suitable for lovers of mountain biking, walking, birdwatching and equestrian tourism. Sports enthusiasts can climb the famous Rocca di Badolo wall, play golf at the Molino del Pero (18-hole course 10 minutes from the farm), practice sport fishing in an equipped lake about 2 km away.
The structure has two apartments for a total of 9 beds. The two apartments, furnished with fine furniture, are equipped with kitchen use and bathrooms with tub and shower. Also available to customers: outdoor swimming pool, barbecue, bicycles and a vegetable garden where you can "help yourself" depending on the season, to cook in the comfortable kitchens of the apartments.

There is no restaurant service, except for breakfast, prepared with local and organic products. For those who don't want to use the kitchens of the apartments, it is possible to take advantage of the agreement with a restaurant located a few hundred meters from the agriturismo.

Servizi: area tende, animali ammessi, area coperta mtb


Via Brento, 199/2 - Monzuno (BO) loc. Brent

Phone +39 0516778506
Phone +39 335 7267958

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