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BB Walk and Race


Località Gabbiano 11
50038 Scarperia e San Piero (FI)


+39 328 1499154 / 320 1195650


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B&B Walk and Race is a rustic-style semi-detached villa located on top of a verdant hill, with an immense shady garden and a view of the other hills of Mugello. Possibility to relax in the shade of ancient trees or under a gazebo surrounded by nature. In the garden, possibility to use the outdoor grill. Inside, it is possible to use the kitchen. Beds and linens always available.


Wi-Fi connection
Possibility of overnight stay with sleeping bag in common rooms
Possibility to stay overnight in tents in outdoor areas of the facility (garden)
Availability to pick up and drop off clients near the route
Luggage transport service
Free provision of basic ingredients for a pasta dish

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