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Antica Hostaria Rocca di Badolo


Via Brento 4
40037 Badolo - Sasso Marconi (Bo)


+39 051 847506


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At the Antica Hostaria della Rocca di Badolo, located just a few kilometers from Bologna, you can breathe in the atmosphere of yesteryear and enjoy the good flavors of traditional Bolognese cuisine. Built on the foundations of a 15th-century convent, it was, in ancient times, a refreshment point for travelers from Emilia-Romagna who went to Tuscany by crossing the Apennines. And it is still a resting place for those who continue to cross the Apennines along the Via degli Dei that links Bologna and Florence.
In the rooms that housed the medieval pilgrims, one can now enjoy a traditional and carefully prepared cuisine, rich in the flavors of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, based on typical seasonal products such as mushrooms, truffles, and polenta, and which finds its strong point in the Florentine steaks of Tuscan tradition and the unfailing homemade pasta of Emilian tradition. And it is precisely the traditional Bolognese cuisine, with all its most typical dishes, that is the flagship of the Antica Hostaria di Badolo. What customers appreciate most about this 90-cover restaurant, in addition to the quality of the dishes, is the family environment and the atmosphere there, made even more special and evocative during the winter months, when a large fireplace that is always lit warms the room.
During the summer months, however, guests can lunch or dine on the spacious veranda, enjoying a wonderful view of the valley around Badolo.

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