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The best of the Way

The Via degli Dei is not just a trek, it is also a journey into a territory that has incredible hidden excellences, which can only be found in Italy. Not only Bologna and Florence, symbols of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, but much more to discover, step after step, which will make this experience unique and unforgettable.

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The top 10 stage by stage

The best of the Way to be discovered step by step through the curiosities, history, art, legends and mysteries that make this journey an adventure ...



A terrace overlooking Florence, an archaeological area to visit, an unforgettable panorama ... 

Image by sterlinglanier Lanier


The starting point (or arrival) of the Via degli Dei, Bologna is a cosmopolitan city which at the same time keeps vivid the memory of its medieval past!


The flavors of the Way

Recipes and dishes with an ancient and traditional flavor and the typical products that characterize the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines!

Image by Giuseppe Mondì


Let's explore the arrival (or departure) point of the Path of the Gods, the eternal and unique Florence: its name is synonymous with beauty, history and eternity!

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All the initiatives and events along the way, from place to place, to live a unique experience with the territory.

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