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Before leaving

Bologna, with its 40 km of arcades, is the starting point of the itinerary, Florence, a UNESCO heritage site, the place of arrival (but it could also be the other way around!).

In-between there is the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, with its charm of a place yet to be discovered: the Naturalistic Reserve of the Pliocene Contrafforte, the "Flaminia militare", a road built in 187 BC by the will of the Roman consul C. Flaminio, the Castle del Trebbio, commissioned by Cosimo I de 'Medici, the Sanctuary of Monte Senario where the friars offer walkers the liqueur "Gemma di abeto", secretly prepared on site, the city of Fiesole, a jewel village of the Florentine hills of Etruscan foundation.

All this is the Via degli Dei, a non-religious itinerary but born from the spirit of a group of Bolognese walkers from the CAI Association (the Dû pâs e 'na gran magnè , Two steps and a great meal in dialect) who wanted to reach Florence to ... eat an excellent Florentine with the goliardic spirit of those who walk to enjoy the journey and the little things in life.
Equally it is a historical path that the Etruscans and Romans traveled to develop their trades, which merchants and travelers undertook during the Middle Ages, which saw tragic moments such as the Second World War (largely we are on the Gothic Line) and which today has to revive small Apennine villages that would otherwise have suffered the abandonment of their inhabitants due to lack of work or opportunities.


Name: Via degli Dei

Monte Adone, Monzuno - Mons Iovis, Monte di Giove, Monte Venere, Monte Luario, Lua was the Roman goddess of atonement


Places crossed: From Bologna to Florence  

Length: about 130 km

Number of stages on foot: 5 or 6 but it can be modulated according to the weather and the aptitudes of the walkers

Number of stages on 2 wheels: 2 or 3

Credentials of the walk: Yes (not a religious document but a nice souvenir to take home)

Official Cartography:  Yes, in scale 1: 25.000 -> INFO

All info: infoSASSO Tourist Office, Via Porrettana 314, Sasso Marconi (Bo)

Contacts: 051 6758409 -  

Notes: Beautiful!


Travel awareness

The Via degli Dei is a path of nearly 130 km and should not be underestimated. Find out everything you need to know to plan a trip without any unforeseen events!

credenziale e carta 2021_edited.jpg

Cartography, credentials and guides

A journey begins even before you leave. Here you will find everything you may need along the way.


The new Walk+ App

The Via degli Dei will be the first walk in Italy to be equipped with the Walk+ App, the outdoor guide with something extra, free and interactive to discover the area.

Travel proposals

Today the Via degli Dei is traveled by many people with different needs and, in recent years, it is being structured to offer the best services to all those who travel, often for the first time, on foot and by mountain bike.

Gruppi sulla VD.jpg

Custom trips

If you want to walk and leave without worries, there are many possibilities, only and exclusively organized by operators of our territory, the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines!

Foto NoisyVision.jpg

Inclusive treks

Since 2016, the Via degli Dei has been yellow with NoisyVision Onlus' project to walk the path in groups with sighted, blind and visually impaired guides and participants.


Travel with your dog

This is Rambo, one of the "hospitable people" ready to greet you along the way. Plan the experience with your furry friend responsibly so that you never get him in trouble and keep him entertained!

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