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The Credential

How does it work

Purchase your Credential at distribution points or request it online with delivery directly to your home. 

During the journey, go to the accredited structures to receive the stamp on your "passport": if you get at least 5 (if you travel on foot) or 3 (if you travel by mtb) you can collect the official gadget at your arrival.

The Via degli Dei is not a religious journey and for this reason the credential is not a pilgrimage document. However, it is equally important for this trek: in addition to the small contribution that you leave to the area that hosts you and which is reinvested to improve services, you will provide data managers on which to improve the offer for future walkers!

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Your registration is very important to us! 
We will only steal two minutes but you will give us the opportunity to improve the services of the Via degli Dei because we will be able to record and analyze the geographical and personal data of walkers (in total respect of your privacy) and always have under control, in the Covid era, who it is on the path to ensuring the safety of all. 
Also, do not
forget to do so to be able to collect the official and exclusive gadget that we want to give you upon your arrival!

Collect the official and free gadget

Have you reached the end of the journey?
Go to one of the collection points and show your Credential with 5 stamps (if traveled on foot) or 3 (for mtb) to receive the official and exclusive gadget:

Roman theatre

Via Portigiani 1
Hours: Every day from 10 to 18.30
Tel: 055 5961293/055 5961311

Brunelleschi Aedicule   

Piazza Mino, Fiesole Hours: Every day from 7 to 13.30 and from 15.30 to 19 Sunday from 7 to 13

Bookshop of the Palazzo Vecchio Museum
Piazza Signoria 1
Hours: Every day from 9 to 19 and on Thursday from 9 to 18
Tel: 055 2768535

Tourist Information Office of the Municipality of Florence-Santa Croce
Borgo Santa Croce 29 / r
Hours: From Monday to Saturday, from 9 to 19 Sunday and holidays from 9 to 14

Tourist Information Office of the Municipality of Florence

Station Square 4,
Hours: Monday to Saturday, from 9 to 19
Sundays and holidays from 9 to 14


Piazza Nettuno 1 / ab, Bologna
Hours: From Monday to Saturday from 9 to 19 Sunday from 10 to 17
Tel: 051 6583109 -
InfoSASSO Tourist information office of the Municipality of Sasso Marconi
Via Porrettana 314
Hours: Tuesday from 9 to 13 and from 15 to 19 from Wednesday to Friday from 9.30 to 13 and from 15 to 19 Saturday from 9.30 to 13 / Sunday and Monday closed Tel: 051 6758409 /


The Official Guide and Map

The Cartoguide of the Via degli Dei is an indispensable tool for following the path. At a scale of 1:25,000, it includes all the details on altitude, distance, and water points.

Along with the cartography, you will also receive the tourist guide "200 Reasons to Leave," which highlights all the must-see attractions along the route.

This hiking map is published by the Municipality of Sasso Marconi, the leading authority among all the municipalities along the route. Profits from sales are reinvested in the maintenance and promotion of the Via degli Dei.


To purchase it, please send the receipt of your bank transfer to for the amount of €10.00 plus €8.80 for postage costs (total €18.80) made out to:

Shipping is available only within Europe.


Treasury Municipality Sasso Marconi Emilbanca- Banca cooperative credit IBAN: IT70J0707237100000000085545

Issue : Carta Via degli Dei.

Indicate name, surname and shipping address

Shipping via registered mail

Delivery times: 15 to 25 days

credenziale e carta 2021_edited.jpg

Take the "end of journey" poster

Have you reached the end of the road?
Go to one of the collection points and show your Credential with 5 stamps (if done on foot) or 3 (for mountain biking) to receive the official and exclusive gadget:



Piazza Nettuno 1/ab, Bologna
MON-SAT from 9.00 to 19.00

SUN and holidays from10 to17 
phone: 051 6583109 -


Ufficio Informazioni turistiche Comune di Fiesole/ Bookshop dei Musei di Fiesole

Via Portigiani 3

Orari: Marzo e Ottobre tutti i giorni dalle 10 alle 17.30;

da Aprile a Settembre tutti i giorni 9 - 18.30 ;

da Novembre a Febbraio tutti i giorni 10-14.30

Tel: 055 5961311 / 055 5961293

Sasso Marconi

InfoSASSO ufficio informazioni Turistiche del Comune di Sasso Marconi

Via Porrettana 314

TUE from 9 to13 - from 15 to 19

THU-FRI from 9.30 to 13 - from 15 to 19

SAT from 9.30 to 13 

SUN-MON closed

Phone: 051 6758409 /


Bookshop del Museo

di Palazzo Vecchio

Piazza Signoria 1
Orari: Tutti i giorni dalle 9 alle 18.30 e il Giovedì dalle 9 alle 14 
Tel: 055 2768535


Infopoint - piazza Stazione 

Piazza della  Stazione 4

Orari: lunedì - sabato dalle 09:00 alle 19:00
domenica e festivi dalle 09:00 alle 17:30

Hiking guides

Leaving prepared is essential to fully enjoy all that this trip can offer.

Here are some hiking guides on the way that can be found in various bookstores and also online and which tell, step by step, what is the route from Bologna to Florence (or vice versa).

We recommend combining them with the 1: 25,000 scale hiking map to have an increasingly complete view of the route.


La Via degli Dei a piedi - Ediciclo Editore
F. Biagi, E.R. Neri


La Via degli Dèi 
Edizione dei Cammini

S. Fazzioli 


La Via degli Dei a piedi e in bici
Tamari Editore
A. Soravia e S. Gardini


Guida alla Via degli Dei
Terre di Mezzo Editore
S. Frignani

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