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Walking with
my dog!

Leaving for the Via degli Dei with your 4-legged friend is certainly a wonderful experience but the commitment it will entail for your dog should not be underestimated. For this reason we recommend that you and him leave prepared and equipped, in order to guarantee him fun and not suffering.

Here are some tips with our testimonial Rambo (thanks Elisa for the photos!) ...


Tip # 1

Be responsible masters. Always keep in mind what your dog's real abilities are and remember that what you like is not necessarily the case ... he likes it too!

Cane al guinzaglio

Tip # 4

Prefer the harness to the collar. The hands free leash is also recommended, which you can tie at the waist, leaving your hands free.

Cane che mangia cibo per cani

Tip # 7

Along with water, never forget to bring a travel bowl.


Tip # 2

Before booking, make sure that the property you choose is pet friendly. Along the Via degli Dei, many offer services and hospitality even to your furry friends to guarantee them a perfect stay!

Gara di cani

Tip # 5

Train together! Before leaving for a trek even your 4-legged friend will need to train by doing long walks... take advantage of it to get ready together!


Tip # 8

If you walk the Via degli Dei in the summer, take sunscreen with you to protect the dog's face, especially the nose which is extremely delicate

rambo 4.jpg

Tip # 3

The regulation provides that, when you cross nature reserves or SIC areas for wildlife protection, dogs are kept on a leash so don't forget to always bring it with you!


Tip # 6

Especially to travel the first stretch, from Bologna to Monzuno, leave with enough water and food for the dog ... after many kilometers, your friend must be rewarded with a lucullian dinner!


Tip # 9

Enjoy this six-legged adventure! With these simple steps, it will be a wonderful experience for you and your faithful friend!

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