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B&B Dimora dei Folletti


Via Rinascita 16, (entrata pedonale Via Marconi 1)
40036 Monzuno (BO)


+ 39 3465296089


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The B&B Dimora dei Folletti is located in Monzuno a few meters from Via degli Dei.
The history of our house begins in 1991 from an idea of ​​my uncle Carlo. The project required 2 years of intense work and involved every member of the family.
It is an almost entirely home-made project: practically everything you see has been entirely conceived, designed and created by us and this means that what surrounds you is in all respects a one-of-a-kind piece.
In 1993 the work on the residence was completed (which at the beginning was not a B&B, my uncle lived there with his girlfriend at the time)
At the time, social media didn't exist but word of mouth did exist and thanks to this, various people began to visit the house, leaving traces of their passage by signing a notebook that you will still find inside the house today.
I have always been fascinated by this place and so in 2018 I felt ready to have my own "Home" and I became the new owner and decided to carry on, albeit in a different light, my uncle's "mission". (that of making the house and our history known to as many people as possible)
When you come to us I will personally tell you our story and anecdotes of this magical house!!

The B&B: 40 m2, private entrance, one bedroom with double bed (also for single use), private bathroom, breakfast room, large balcony and terrace with table and chairs, garage
The courtesy kit includes: towels/bathrobe, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair cap, neutral soap, intimate soap, shower gel, foot cream, earplugs, disposable arnica, comb, 1 sewing kit (the kit may vary)
You will also find a hairdryer, refrigerator, free wi-fi, universal adapter, electric plug, fan, TV.
Breakfast is self-service and a choice between Italian and continental (in the continental version 2 types of cold cuts and a type of cheese are added which, if not finished in the morning, you can also use for a packed lunch)

Check-in from 5pm (not earlier) to 8pm (maximum)
Maximum check-out at 10.00
We can't work other hours because since it's not our first business, we work in the morning.
If the room is ready sooner we will send you a message


Wifi connection;
Availability to pick up and drop off customers near the route;
Breakfast also gluten-free and vegetarian.

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