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Farmacia Toschi


Via della Rinascita 3A
Monzuno (Bo)


+39 051 6770533 - 335 6062485


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Along the Via degli Dei in Monzuno, one of the most visited hiking trails in Italy, you will find a small but well-stocked CRAI Supermarket full of local delicacies: cheeses, dairy products, cured meats, sausage, coppa di testa, bacon, hams, bread that arrives hot every morning from two bakers, counter products, ready-made first and second courses, fruits and vegetables delivered fresh every morning, and the real mortadella bolognese! Rounding out the offerings is a fresh packaged meat department of pork, beef, rabbit and poultry, as well as drinks of all kinds, breakfast products and a small chocolate department!


The pharmacy is open all year round: even on Wednesday afternoons and in July and August it is open on both Saturdays and Sunday mornings.
It is a little jewel in the Apennine mountains, if it rains you can stop there sheltered under the portico in front

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