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Supermercato Crai Monzuno


Via Luigi Casaglia 3/A
40036 Monzuno (Bo)


+39 051 6773038


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Along the Via degli Dei in Monzuno, one of the most visited hiking trails in Italy, you will find a small but well-stocked CRAI Supermarket full of local delicacies: cheeses, dairy products, cured meats, sausage, coppa di testa, bacon, hams, bread that arrives hot every morning from two bakers, counter products, ready-made first and second courses, fruits and vegetables delivered fresh every morning, and the real mortadella bolognese! Rounding out the offerings is a fresh packaged meat department of pork, beef, rabbit and poultry, as well as drinks of all kinds, breakfast products and a small chocolate department!


At the shop you will also find the stamp for your Credential
By calling within the shop closing times (12.30 in the morning and 7.00 in the afternoon) the staff will be able to have the sandwiches ready for you... and wait for you, if you are a little late!

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