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Bacciotti Soc. Agraria


Via di Gabbiano 7
Gabbiano, Scarperia e San Piero (Fi)


+39 335 1044374


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This family-run farm is located in the hills of Mugello, in the town of Scarperia in Florence. Here they have been raising dairy sheep of the Sarda breed according to organic farming methods since 2001 and directly produce fodder to feed the flock. Over the years, the managers have gradually increased their knowledge of organic techniques, along with their passion for animals and the land. With respect for nature, no synthetic chemicals are used in the fields, but organic fertilizers are used for environmentally sustainable and healthy production, while the animals are cared for with homeopathic products and graze outdoors for most of the year. The farm is a true closed-loop living organism, where land, vegetation, animals and people are in balance, all embedded in the larger living organism: the world. The eight employees are active participants in the life of the farm and share the passion for animals and the land.


Packed lunches for walkers
Pets allowed
Sale of typical local products

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