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The Via Degli Dei Official Hiking Map and guide 

The map guide of the Via degli Dei is a must have along the path: on a scale of 1: 25,000 it has all the indications of altitudes, kilometers, water points and will help you to have no doubts about the path to follow.

Combined with the hiking map there is also the "200 reasons to leave" tourist guide which will offer you a different interpretation of this journey and will allow you to discover all the excellences not to be missed along your itinerary.

The Hiking Card is published by the Municipality of Sasso Marconi, leader of all the Municipalities that are along the itinerary and costs € 10.00.

The profit from these sales is reinvested along the way.


The map costs € 10,00 + € 8,80 for postal services in Europe. Total fee: € 18,80 

If you want to purchase the pilgrims Credential add €3.00 Total fee : € 21,80 

 Bank transfer to: Tesoreria Comune Sasso Marconi Bank details: 

Emilbanca-Banca di credito cooperativo Iban code : 

IT IT70J0707237100000000085545

Bic/Swift code : ICRAITRRTS0

Issue/Subject: Via degli Dei Map /Via degli Dei map+ Credential(if you purchase both.

IMPORTANT Please send a copy of the payment receipt to : and the address for shipping 


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The Credential is the "passport" of the journey you are about to undertake: along your path you will find in each partner structure the personalized stamp with which you will have to fill in the Credential, as proof and reminder of the journey made. Once you have finished the journey, register your Credential and go to  go to one of the authorized points to collect the "Official Souvenir" of the Via degli Dei for free. 

Your registration is very important to us! We will only steal two minutes from you but you will give us the opportunity to improve the services of the Via degli Dei because we will be able to record and analyze the geographical and personal data of walkers (in total respect of your privacy) and always have under control, in the Covid era, who is on the path. 

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