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Bologna - Casalecchio di Reno - Sasso Marconi - Badolo

Length: 21.30 km 

Difference in altitude: +817 m; -515 m 

Time: 6.50 h  

From Bologna railway station, take Via Indipendenza and arrive in Piazza Maggiore , the real starting point (or arrival) of the Via degli Dei.

From Piazza Maggiore take Via d'Azeglio , pass the house of Lucio Dalla and then turn right into Via Farini  and then left into Via Collegio di Spagna, from which you will continue on the left to arrive at Via Saragozza, where we will meet the last shops and bars to buy the packed lunch of the first stage. Arriving at the Arco del Meloncello, you'll begin to walk along the longest portico in the world: the one that leads to the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of San Luca.


After the Basilica, the road continues regularly. Then, after about 500 meters, you reach the Bregoli path, that descends to Parco Talon (Casalecchio di Reno).

In the lower part, however, the path is affected by some landslides, so it is not accessible. After a few hundreds of meters on the left there is the CAI path 900 which is to be taken following new indications and signs that have been placed. This will lead you to Parco Talon (marked in BLUE on the official map image1).​

Colorful letto

Hospitality: where to sleep, where to eat, all the services from Bologna to Brento


Track GPX 1 (CAI900-Bregoli) – for those equipped with gps readers.

From Parco Talon the original path is now accessible.


It is always advisable, in case of heavy rain and therefore mud, to take the Via della Lana e della Seta then, once you arrive at the blue pedestrian iron bridge, cross the river and go along the orographic left of the Reno (in the map guide indicated as VLS, Via della Lana e della Seta). Once you reach Palazzo de' Rossi you can either continue the Via della Lana e della Seta path if you’re planning to stop in Sasso Marconi or Cross the Vizzano bridge and return on the original Via degli Dei path if You need to reach Prati di Mugnano / Badolo / Brento.

In normal conditions, once you have arrived at Parco Talon, continue along the right bank of the Reno river, on your left if you come from Bologna (right because you consider the direction of the water), where you will meet the first signs of the Via degli Dei and the CAI path 112. You will then reach the Naturalistic Oasis of San Gherardo (with water fountain) which  was born from the recovery of a quarry near Palazzo de 'Rossi and today it is a place of protection and conservation of the local flora and fauna. It offers the opportunity to practice bird watching, trekking and Nordic walking and to deepen the knowledge of the geological and morphological aspects of the territory. To the Oasis also belongs a "House of Nature": a documentation and scientific dissemination center equipped with educational spaces and reception services for schoolchildren and groups where you can deepen the study of native species and the natural environments of wetlands. 

Pass the Naturalistic Oasis of San Gherardo and arrive at the asphalted road. Continue straight until you reach the Sasso / Pontecchio junction and take towards Sasso. Go up Via Vizzano. At the "Ganzole" (CAI VD) you can reach Sasso Marconi or continue towards Badolo.

Arriving at Prati di Mugnano, head inside the Park, pass the parking lot and arrive at the "Piazza" where you continue following the CAI path 122, which turns sharp left just before the Commenda crossroads (if you get there, go back 50 meters).
Then continue on Via delle Orchidee and, turning right on the Provincial road of Badolo, you will arrive at the Nova Arbora Botanical Garden. Continuing along the paved road, keeping the left, you will reach via delle Valli.

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