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Passo della Futa / Monte di Fò - Sant'Agata - San Piero a Sieve

Length: 21.08 km 

Difference in altitude: +641 m; -1197 m 

Time: 6.30 h  

If you have stayed at the Futa go straight on leaving the Enel cabin on the right, if instead you have stayed the night in Monte di Fo / Santa Lucia continue on the asphalted road until you meet a white and blue bar on the right: pass it and enter the woods following the GEA indications, arriving in the locality of Apparita . Continuing you will reach a well-marked crossroads, take the CAI path 00 which leads to Monte Gazzaro.

Continue on the path and climb along the crest of the hill until you reach the summit (which is not really the summit!), the Croce di Monte Gazzaro (1125m) [NB: at the moment the cross has fallen and has yet to be restored].  The path that leads to the top of the hill is not recommended in case of bad weather and not suitable for mountain biking; in these two cases, at the crossroads, go down and take the road on the right. Near the cross of M. Gazzaro there is a small stone structure, hanging on the wall there is a metal container that contains the "peak book", the notebook where anyone who wants can write their thoughts. Continue along the ridge and go down: at this point you have to be very careful because the space to walk is narrow and the ground can be very slippery at times.

Go straight ahead until you reach a large clearing: this is the Osteria Bruciata Pass. Here once stood an inn renowned for its "human" meat dishes cooked by the owner after robbing and killing his guests. The indications here are very clear: therefore follow the path to Sant'Agata on the CAI path 46. Continuing to walk, you go down until you reach an old semi- ruined house: “Riarsiccio”, from here go forward until you reach a crossroads on the right. There are two signs here: if you turn left you take the CAI path 46b towards Sant'Agata, if you turn right you continue to walk on the initial path 46 towards Sant'Agata-San Piero a Sieve. You have to follow the second sign and then turn right. The trail continues until you reach a dirt road which then leads to the asphalted road. If you turn left you can go and visit Sant'Agata del Mugello, a timeless village that deserves a stop both for refreshment and for a visit to the Pieve, a fascinating and very old church, and its museums.

If, on the other hand, you want to reach San Piero a Sieve , we recommend taking the dirt road on the right parallel to the Strada Statale towards Gabbiano and marked as CAI 46. Going straight on, the road becomes asphalted and you arrive at S. Piero a Sieve.

During this last stretch you can make a detour to visit the Convent of Bosco ai Frati , where there is a wonderful wooden Christ by Donatello.


Hospitality: where to sleep, where to eat, all the services from Passo della Futa to San Piero a Sieve

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