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Madonna dei Fornelli - Passo della Futa - Monte di Fò

Length: 17.25 km 

Difference in altitude: +783 m; -753 m 

Time: 5.50 h  

From Madonna di Fornelli continue towards Pian di Balestra along path n. 019.

After the crossroads of Pian di Balestra, follow the signs for Via degli Dei - Futa and Strada Romana, pass a small wooden gate on the left and enter the woods.

After a few meters you can already admire some stretches of Flaminia Militare, the ancient Roman route dated 187 BC that will accompany you to different points of this stage. 

Continuing on the path you will come to a gate easily identifiable by a drawing and a writing in red that reads "Please close the gate", after which a large space opens up: a large field with a stone house on the right (Location "I Capannoni"). Continue along the dirt road and after the bend you will see a tree with directions for the route. Continuing to walk you will come across a crossroads where you have to turn right. This point of the route is not well signposted, but follow the road as recommended and after a few meters you will see the CAI 019 sign on the right.

The path continues until you reach the Piana degli Ossi, where you can admire the remains of 6 ancient kilns presumably dated to the 2nd century BC. After this point, continue towards the Passeggere where you will meet an intersection with indications on wooden signs where you must turn left. Continue the route and at the next crossroads turn right; after a few meters you will come across an artificial lake which you will have to skirt around until the fence ends. The path continues to the left and uphill until you come out of the wood and meet two plains: a smaller one on the right and always straight ahead, a wider one called “Radura delle Banditacce”.

Continue southwards following the slightly uphill path until you reach the top of the “Banditacce”, the highest point of the entire route (about 1200 m). After a few meters you will also reach the "Poggiaccio" which determines the half of the journey, that is the approximate equidistance between Bologna and Florence. The path then goes down slightly to the left and there you can admire numerous finds of the ancient Roman road, well preserved and easily identifiable thanks to the presence of numerous signs. Keep walking and you will arrive at the foot of Poggio Castelluccio: for those who want there is the possibility of making a small detour to the right uphill and reach the top where evidence of an ancient Ligurian Castelliere was found (presumed V-III century BC ). Continuing along the path, on the other hand, you will come across sections of Flaminia Militare again , one of which is well preserved and protected by a sort of wooden fence. Continue the path following the signs and go down to the right until you reach the beginning of a coniferous forest. Go ahead, always following the signs for Futa until you arrive shortly after the asphalted road that from Pian del Voglio leads to Passo della Futa, SS 65. Follow the asphalted road until you reach the large car park and the entrance to the Germanic cemetery among the largest in Italy.


IF YOU STAY OVERNIGHT IN MONTE DI FO' - SANTA LUCIA: After passing the cemetery you will arrive directly at a large roundabout where you will have to turn right and locate the CAI 52 sign immediately on the left for the path with the words "Santa Lucia - Monte di Fo'". Take the path that descends on the left and continue for another 3 km following the signs until you reach the last crossroads: if you turn left you arrive at Monte di Fo', if instead you continue straight and keep to the right you arrive in the Santa Lucia area. ​


IF YOU STAY IN TRAVERSA LOCATION: A few kilometers before arriving at the Futa pass, you will find signs on the left to go down to the Traversa. The next morning, driving along the Futa state road, you will quickly arrive at the Germanic Cemetery. ​


IF YOU STAY IN FIRENZUOLA OR IN COVIGLIAIO: Various facilities offer the service to/from Passo della Futa also with the use of local taxis. By contacting the accommodation businesses you can arrange this service.

Casa vacanze

Hospitality: where to sleep, where to eat, all the services from Madonna dei Fornelli to Monte di Fo

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