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Palazzina 10


Via Della Palazzina 10
40037 Sasso Marconi (Bo)


+39 347 7609623


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Palazzina 10 is a modern and sought-after accommodation facility offering villa accommodation service, between Bologna and Florence. We are located in Sasso Marconi, a hilly area with panoramic views in a wonderful landscape setting. Palazzina 10 is an elegant residence alternative to classic hotels. Easily accessible from the airport and a short distance from Bologna, the fairgrounds and very close to the two highway exits of Sasso Marconi. It is a mini-apartment in a villa with independent entrance, reserved and protected parking space inside the external area of the villa that is fenced and served by a main entrance with automatic gate with guest code. It has a large living room where you will also find space for a beautiful built-in kitchen, a table for breakfast, lunches and dinners. Following to the ante-bathroom you will find the study area and arriving in the ante-bathroom you will be amazed by an emotional shower for two as well as a relaxing bed that can be converted into additional sleeping space. The room is equipped with an elegant private bathroom. It is forbidden to smoke inside the room, but there is an outdoor space furnished with a sofa and a small table, where you can possibly smoke, relax while reading a book or maybe soak up some sun. It's always sunny here! The rooms are all air conditioned and WiFi is free. You will find a TV with built-in sound system, kettle, microwave, espresso machine in addition to the kitchen equipped with induction cooker, dishwasher and refrigerator.


Wifi connection
Availability to pick up and drop off customers near the route

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