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Rio Verde


Via Mongardino 8
40037 Sasso Marconi (Bo)


+ 39 051 6752513 / 366 1097435


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Rio Verde Natura e Cultura farmhouse is located in Sasso Marconi and stands on an area of about 92 hectares including land for planting, an orchard and the remaining part in woods, meadows and a hillside pond. The farm's rural buildings are a farmhouse and an old barn that have been completely renovated, in the narrow and cool Rio Verde valley. The farmhouse is used for accommodation. Completely renovated, in it there are six rooms with bathrooms with twelve beds. The rooms, one single, four doubles and one triple, are all different from each other both in colors and furnishings, which are strictly rural and authentic. The other building in bio-construction with very high energy savings houses the gastronomic corner where you can appreciate the cuisine of the tradition at km zero, with genuine ingredients from the farm or from the territory, an educational room for seminars and other convivial activities and, on the upper floor, two more rooms and a small apartment with kitchen. Guests have access to the common areas, the hall with fireplace and all outdoor areas: the park, games and sports trails (orienteering, cross-country skiing, archery - by prior arrangement).


Multiple rooms available
Pets allowed
Covered mountain bike area
In the summer, the restaurant is also open with the following hours: Tuesday-Friday for lunch with a daily menu / Thursday-Saturday for apericena from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm with many tasty specialties.

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