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Vetta Le Croci - Fiesole - Florence

Length: 18 km 

Difference in altitude: +250 m; -645 m 

Time: 4 h  

If you have stayed the night in Olmo, go up to Vetta le Croci and take the path following the signs for Alberaccio. After crossing the paved road, continue on the CAI path 2 which continues uphill towards Poggio Pratone from where you can enjoy a beautiful view towards Florence.  From Pratone go down the dirt road to Monte Fanna. The road then becomes asphalted once you have crossed the hamlet of Borgunto, and you will soon reach Piazza Mino in Fiesole.

VARIANT: A nice alternative can be the Path of Stilicone which was born from a group of volunteers who retraced a historical event: in the year 405 AD the Ostrogoths under the command of King Radagasius invaded Italy from the north and spread with looting and devastation. The avant-gardes reached Florence in nine months putting it under siege while the bulk of the Ostrogoths with women and children settled on the Fiesole hills, rich in water sources, waiting to cross the Arno. The Roman general Stilicone, with few men but with shrewd tactics, divided the army into two units and, taking advantage of the basin shape of the Mugnone valley, launched the attack by defeating the Ostrogoths at Mons Regis, which later became Montereggi. It is said that the toponym Vetta Le Croci sopra l'Olmo recalls the numerous burials that followed the battle.

HERE the downloadable map


At this point, to get to Piazza della Signoria you have 3 possibilities:

1)  take bus no. 7 in PIazza Mino di Fiesole with destination Piazza San Marco or stay on the bus to Florence station

2) take the panoramic view up to the middle school and take the CAI path 7 that goes up to Monte Ceceri and from here go down to the quarries of Maiano, go up towards Settignano and go down directly on foot passing through Coverciano (route of the hiking map)

3) descend towards Florence along the paved but panoramic Via Vecchia Fiesolana  

In all cases, take some time to visit Fiesole  and its splendid archaeological area.  

Deposito d'epoca in Ripiani

Hospitality: where to sleep, where to eat, all the services from Vetta le Croci in Florence

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